Product Review-Noxzema, Noxzema! Definitely Helps With Skin Blemishes

Hey Ladies and Gents!! Here’s a quick product review on a product we’ve all known and loved for years….Noxzema! As we know there is nothing new about this product, it’s been in our household for generations now lol. This specific Noxzema brand works wonders- Anti Blemish “Daily Scrub” Works wonders on preventing skin/pimple breakouts and definitely aids in the improving of the skin tone and helping to maintain clear skin as well.

I’m so in love with this product! It works, It works!!! Especially for African american skin! All jokes aside…….I picked it up at the Dollar General store here locally, I was just looking for some new skin products to try one day while shopping and this caught my eye as Noxzema is a well trusted name. So here are a few things I instantly loved about it……

  1. It’s a creamy product with a “grit” base to it. So it really feels like it’s removing the dirt, dry skin and toxins off of the facial area. ย I use it right when I’m in the shower and put it on my face and leave it there for a minute or two while I start washing my upper half of my body. Then rinse it off after about a minute.
  2. I love that my face doesn’t feel dried out after I remove the product. It really doesn’t people. My face feels extremely clean and my pores feel open and not clogged if that makes any sense. I do add a moisturizer to my face after, but it doesn’t feel “dried out” at all after applying this product.
  3. I also love that ย I can visibly see a noticeable difference in my skin where I normally have had problem areas of dark spots from previous “pimple picking” lol. Yes, I’m a zit popper! I’m trying not to pop them as much, but hey it’s life. For years along the side of my right face I have had “dark spots” along side my jaw line of just old scars, or scars that take forever to fade and by the time it fades it’s a new zit in that area. I used Shea butter, AMBI all the products that people recommend for brown skin women and everything. Truthfully I’ve never seen a difference. I’ve used AMBI for years and it NEVER did anything for me.
  4. ย Last but not least, loved the fact that even if I have a pimple/zit creeping in, this product quickly dries that little sucker out without it over-drying my skin before it turns into a big huge juicy zit! I just love that!!!

Well the Anti-Blemish, Noxzema brand is the FIRST and ONLY product I can say I’ve seen a big difference!! How have I been missing out all these years???? The dark/problematic areas I’ve had along the side of my face has drastically faded down to light brown spots….I’ll take it! Very very pleased. Take a look below


Taken 5/21/17


Taken 6/21/17


This was collected 7/21/17

The last picture shows the very beginning of usage and the most recent. My lighting was a little off ( my apologies) but clearly a difference! The bottle recommended using it 2-3x daily. I only used it once a day with my daily shower. So results may have been a little better as well if I used it more. But I didn’t want to over do it, and I was adamant on not drying my face out to much, which it didn’t do at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely a win win!!!

So my beautiful people, go on out there and get this product!! Make sure it’s the Noxzema- ANTI BLEMISH that fades and clears dark spots! Any questions please feel free to ask me. Any suggestions on facial products also let cha girl know! Until next time! xoxo Have a great weekend!

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ยฉ Written by Jamilah ” Jill” Miller.

Owner of all pictures in this article.



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