How To Achieve Glowing Skin!

I say it all the time… you do not need to spend a lot of money to have great skin. Even with acne and oily prone skin, it is very possible and achievable to have soft skin clear skin. Learning how to take care of your skin and being consistent is really all what it takes. This year has been the best year ever for my skin. It has never been so clear and blemish free! Here’s a few important steps to keep in mind ✨✨

1. Your face doesn’t need a lot of soap. I know we’re use to thinking “the more suds the better” but really it’s the exact opposite. Store purchased soaps can actually be damaging to the face. If you’re skin is more oily then soap can actually continue to add to the oil production. If your skin is more on the dry side, then store purchased soaps could continue to make it more dry. Think about it.

2. So what do you need then? WATER! I know I know. A water based product and even minimal suds is all you need. A gently light exfoliant is even fine. Oil actually helps removes dirt. So having a gentle exfoliant is more than fine. A facial toner is what’s needed as well. Has facial toners In store that are a community favorite. Brewed straight from roses. Rose water helps balance the PH of your face. Which means whatever issues are going on with your face Rosewater helps calm and balance that. Also helps with acne/oily prone skin. Helps with blemishes. Can be used to set make up or remove makeup. Good stuff. A lot of moms purchase it for their children who are going thru the puberty stage which we know acne can be at it worst. Their comments….” it helps to dry to acne out” I admit myself that my outbreaks have been much less this year and when I do have a zit that popped up it dries out much quicker! Think about it…. how beautiful and soft is a rose petal? Imagine all those wonderful properties on your skin.

2. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! Cannot emphasize enough how important exfoliation is. Either exfoliating with a gentle safe face scrub, or a facial mask. S/E By Jill makes fantastic body scrubs and face masks with clay straight from India! The sugar scrubs are gentle and safe enough for the face. Infused with yummy and benefiting skin properties to not only heal but repair and keep the skin in a healthy state. Exfoliation is vital for glowing skin. Your literally removing layers of dead skin cells which is allowing new skin cells to transform and come through adding to a much vibrant look on your face. The facial masks are just lovely! They’re made about every other month and it’s always a waiting list of people wanting them. The masks are made with bentonite and rose clay . The very best clays mixed together and turmeric . Which helps with dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne, and skin inflammation . The mask is also made with has many more benefiting yummies for the skin.

3. Water and a balanced diet. But most importantly water. Even though my skin has never looked better, my goal is to still cut back on soda. That’s my personal goal.

So just wanted to share a couple of points with you all to get you going for the 2020 year of glowing skin! My motto is ” love your skin…. And it will love you back” ✨

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