Some Key Pieces To Happiness/ Inner Peace

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

I know it is extremely hard to look at others and at times not be envious or “dream” a little of wanting want the other person may have. Well let me tell you ” All that glitters, ain’t gold!”. There is nothing wrong to have an admiration of something or someone. But never compare. Always look at what you have and be thankful for it. If there is something you want to be different such as more money, more education, a car or a home, than simply take your time and work at it. Never feel inferior to someone, no one is GOD and for all you know they may be looking at you in admiration from a distance, Don’t compare.

2. Really be thankful for the small things

So what are small things? Small things include your life, your home, your family, your job and many other things. They may be small to some people but big things for me. I actually did a test on myself last week. I told myself when I wake up each morning for that week I will purposely tell myself things I’m happy for upon waking up. So, for me starting off I was simply happy to wake up! I was happy to look at my son and know I’m somebody’s mom. I was happy to get into my car and drive myself to work as opposed to not having transportation at all. I was happy to have a job 🙂 . By me keeping this in my forefront immediately upon awakening, It has helped changed my mood and mindset and also set the pace of my attitude for the rest of the day.  So take a look at yourself and your life and surroundings….what do you have to be thankful for? pexels-photo-424517

3.Change your mindset on your outlook

Sometimes the moment we change our outlook on something it forces us to accept what we have or can’t change and to just deal with it.  A changed mindset certainly goes a long way. It stops us from being grumpy or miserable and it helps improve our reaction and the way we treat other people. Awareness goes a long way people. For ex I’ll give 2 accounts of where I had to change my mindset.

I often want a bigger home. I know my time will come when I will be able to purchase another home soon. But in the meantime I had to change my mindset to accept what I have and to find the beauty with the house I have now. I’m thankful it’s mine and that I’m a homeowner. I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and thankful to have some rental income since I’m a landlord 🙂

Another example I need to mention is that I HATE living in Buffalo,NY! The weather is horrible and unpredictable and it’s never consistently warm. But for right now ( with a changed mindset) I’ve come to appreciate that housing is cheap here, the cost of living is cheap and you can live a decent life here financially if you handle your money right and happen to find a semi decent job. I would still love to move one day, but for now I’ll make the best out of it.

4. Love the people who are good to you and make an effort to be in your life

The older we get in life we begin to realize that the people we thought would always be in our life often aren’t. That includes family and not just friends. Accept those who make an effort to be in your life and return the favor.


5. Leave negative people right where you find them

There really are people in this world who wouldn’t know how to be happy it if hit them in the face. Distance yourselves from the chronic complainers, the Debbie downers and negative nancies. WE ALL have our days or even weeks where sometimes life just isn’t going well. But for those people who constantly stay in that state, excuse yourself from their presence. If they’re not happy themselves , they’re not going to be happy for you.  It’s a true statement….Be aware of those who don’t clap for you when you win!


I could go on and on but I just wanted to share a few points.  There is nothing wrong with creating your happiness and always seeking ways to maintain that! People really get a kick out of “draining” you and be quick to point the finger or not want to understand why you feel the way you do. Leave them be and always reflect on yourself!  Inner peace is so important and often takes good reminders on how and where to achieve that. There is only one you and you only have one life!

I would love to hear your thoughts and even pointers you use to maintain your happiness. Feel free to reach out to me!

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