Mieroglyphs Accessory/Vegan Bracelet Line

So I recently made a purchase and teamed up with Mieroglyphs! What is this Mieroglyphs?? Miero is a design and manufacturing accessories line that retails cruelty-free, vegan, hand-crafted, inspirational products. Goods for the good of this world. They Specialize in Bracelets for men and women, Miero key chains, and Miero pet accessories! Each Miero accessory features … Continue reading Mieroglyphs Accessory/Vegan Bracelet Line

The Start Over

Well whoever said change is good or starting over is great was completely wrong! Don't get me wrong, change is good in certain   Areas. But completely starting life over when your totally unprepared mentally and physically is actually very draining. And can be an emotional experience. I started over with nothing saved or accumulated. I … Continue reading The Start Over