Blacklight Slide Event!

This past weekend was a BLAST!! I managed to work 24 hrs and still have some time to wind down and have fun. I almost didn’t go! I was super exhausted upon leaving work and told myself I was going to pass on this event. So happy I had enough energy to go along with some help and motivation from my friend Dios 🙂

So what is this Blacklight Slide stuff???

This was an event that came to Buffalo, NY. Overall its a glow in the dark -water slide party. I went with a few friends. We pre-ordered our tickets online. You have the option to purchase your inner tube there or purchase ahead of time on your own. When you get there you register and pick up your tube.


Then afterwards you head on over to the slide and get in line! I totally didn’t know what to expect, so I like to show people pics so you can get the full picture.



We were right by the water, so It was definitely breezy and it rained intermittently. But it wasn’t that bad temperature wise. After the rain, comes the sunshine!


We were able to go down the slide together at the same time. I wasn’t prepared for that drop though. I underestimated how big of a dip it was. I almost lost my dinner lol. It was like going down a ride at the amusement park with no handles! LOL. People were sliding off their own tubes and everything….Yes the tubes they supplied didn’t have any handles lol. They rinse you with water as you’re actively going down the slide. Didn’t expect that either lol. So it goes without saying, we got off the slide soaked!


But we had a blast! They have an area where they play live music with a DJ and throw out gifts all night long. People had a blast.




As you can tell from the pictures we had a great time!  I almost didn’t want to go b/c I was exhausted after working that morning shift, and had a 16 hr shift for that following day. So I’m glad I made it b/c I really had a good time. If this event is in your area I recommend to definitely try it. If you live in a small city such as myself try to take advantage of whatever you can when it’s being offered. Make the most out of your area!

Few points to share:

→Bring a towel with you. They provide a towel there but it’s was pretty much a mini face towel. Bring a bigger one for when you’re back in the car.

→Bring an extra pair of clothes or at least another pair of pants! I did not. Like a loser I was soaking wet the entire time after the slide. And felt like I was wearing a wet diaper after lol.

→Buy your own inner tube instead of buying the ones they provide. Save a few extra duckies.

→Go with the right crowd! Me and my girls had a ball 🙂

→You can go down the slide as many times as you want.

→They encourage you to wear white clothes or a white tee-glows better at night. Also have good support for your feet, sneakers are probably your best bet. No flip flops recommended.

→Bring some “Glow” gear. It’s cool seeing everyone light up at night 🙂

That’s it! Wanted to share my past weekend with you all. A lot of times were left wondering ” what is there to do” So thought this blog would be helpful. Last weekend was so involved, I think this weekend I’m relaxing the entire time with my son. I’ll be sure to post a blog on what projects we will do.

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