Well to start off congratulations Jon Jones on your win! Great fight you gave us!

I particularly enjoyed this fight for many reasons.

1. Jon Jones is a beast. Hands down one of the greatest fighters. Very few people grab my attention and he is one of them.

2. His skill and fighting technique is amazing! His height and body structure. Amazing!

3. From what I can see (it’s always someone to debate it especially on this topic) but I’m amazed at his humbleness. Everyone has their cocky moments at times. But his presence and demeanor overall a respectable and humble guy.

4. No disrespect to DC (Cormier) but you talk all this mess and throwing jabs at Jon Jones and his life and battles and negative points an individual may have reached and can’t accept your loss as a respectable man. Overall my point is whatever we lose at in life, we gotta walk away respectably and with our head held high, and take our loss for exactly what it is. A loss.

5. And point blank Jon Jones deserved that win! When your the best……. you’re the best!

Cormier (DC) is definitely a great fighter also. Giving respect where respect is due the man can throw some mean jabs. Great fighting record and great with his hands and movement. You really can’t push him to the ground easily. But there’s some people in life you may not ever be able to beat. Jon Jones may be one of them.

Cormier definitely talked a lot of mess/junk before the fight. He made statements about his strong dislike for him and that for 3 yrs he has basically been waiting to have the opportunity to fight him again and possibly win. DC Also made statements about Jon Jones and his alleged (past or current) setbacks (addictions) in life…….hey let’s call out the obvious statements that’s been floating around here after all it’s a blog. But overall Cormier has definitely been salty against Jon for a number of years here.

In one of the interviews of Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, Jon Jones clearly stated that he did not particularly have a reason to dislike DC. After all business is business. Jon specifically stated that he already beat him once and has no real reason to hold animosity or hatred towards DC. Jon clearly wanted his belt, his respect, and to look forward possibly to fighting Brock. Jon ain’t thinking about no DC.Point blank. Now I know there’s many thoughts and statements on the above paragraph just said. But coming from the horses mouth himself Jon wasn’t salty towards DC.And clearly stated he really didn’t have a problem with Cormier. But naturally a person will become salty (have a problem) with an individual who continuously makes it known that they have a problem with them….ya feel me.

I’m happy Jon won. As we know he was off the grid for a couple years taking time for himself and possibly battling other life’s troubles that have been thrown around here and there. But I’m happy he won. For all the reasons above. Keeping this on a positive note whenever an individual has setbacks or interruptions in life, people really want to think and feel that the person will always be setback in life. People do not want to see you come up!

I like to be honest with you guys and keep it real. I feel I can personally relate to Jon on different levels but overall the same. The mistakes I made in life has made me stronger and wiser. When you grow and progress certain people will continuously keep you where you once were! But a true winner, a true winner will always learn, bounce back and make their life ten times better than it was before! I’m humbled at his success and his drive to keep obtaining greatness and setting the record.

In his post fight interview Jon summed it up by saying (not repeating verbatim ) but that his goal is to continue to learn and grow and be wiser than before, but still being realistic with himself he stated he was a “wild motha fu**a” . Respect the real statement. I’m a always do me and try to be better but overall I’m human. Can’t be mad at all!

In regards to Cormier seeing you cry at the end touched me ( I always feel bad for people that’s my make up) but it left me confused as well. Didn’t know if the emotions were coming from pure confusion and head trauma lol. I mean his head was pounded in and the immediate confusion after was apparent. Or were the emotions coming from genuinely being upset that you lost. Were you that upset and in disbelief that you lost to him twice? Can’t name it. But it goes to show us, never get to big for yourself. As great as a fighter Cormier is there is always someone better than you. Talking all that junk and trash and then having to hang your head low after a 2nd loss isn’t a good look especially since you couldn’t take it well yourself. I don’t know what to say about that. Other than he was definitely a sore loser at the end.

Seeing Jon win made me proud of him. I don’t know his life history and if these battles of addiction are true or untrue. Coming from a substance abuse/addictions nurse I hope for your sake Jon you keep tackling these demons head on and keep making your life great and setting the standard! Your far better than what people throw at you. I salute you Jon and I’m a loyal fan of yours 😊 .

Haters will hate 😂😊 like Beyoncé said ” always stay gracious best revenge is your paper”.

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Written exclusively by Jamilah “Jill” Miller.

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