DIY -Ideas For Event/Baby Shower Projects

So what was invloved this past weekend?

One of my close girlfriends is having her first baby along with her husband. Exciting right! So even though she has a baby shower lined up, I still wanted to do something simple, small and intimate for her in my home. So my thoughts were a diaper party! What better way to welcome a new baby! If anyone knows me they know I ADORE babies/kids!!! So I was thrilled to put something like this together and had so much fun in the process.

Her colors were royal blue and gold so I tried to stick to that color theme…Pinterest is amazing for ideas! I would be lost without it…….So less talking and more picture’s right 🙂

I wanted to have baby blocks at the shower. I’ve been seeing this around pinterest and loved how it looks. So I started off with something like this……….


These are styrofoam boxes I collected at my job ….Saved some pennies by getting them for free


I picked up some letters to attach to my boxes at the local arts n crafts store. Most people live a Michael’s or Joann Fabrics.

IMG_1840        IMG_1854 (1) So first off looking at this…..It looks terrible right! Yes I totally agree. Hey let’s be honest it looks awful! I didn’t like the “bulky” look the wrapping paper gave me. I didn’t like the sides taped up on the sides.  I even purchased the matching blue tape and it still looked sloppy. A big NO!! So I decided let’s just do spray paint instead and see how that looks. ( I like to show the good and the bad, not every project we do or make is perfect, lets be real here, I’m sick of seeing DIY projects and their always just perfect, show me the messed up ones too lol)

And VOILA! BIG DIFFERENCE RIGHT! I absolutely loved the way it turned out with the spray paint! I was totally okay with the imperfections in the box…..It gave it the ” Baby block look”. The guest loved it and of course the new mommy did too! Here’s a close up


Here’s a few other decoration’s I did as well

I found the punch bowl idea from none other than….. Pinterest !! ( Click on the link and it takes you to my party/decor page on my pinterest page for more ideas). I loved the little duckies added to the punch bowl. Giving it that kiddie-baby theme. Little touches go a long way.

Last but not least, these little things were the thank you favors. And you already know where that idea came from as well…wink wink

FullSizeRender (3)

I hope you guys enjoy this post! I certainly had fun making these items! (These are my own personal pictures). I think I found my new calling in life! I love DIY projects ( Do It Yourself)

I’ve made a couple other posts of DIY/home projects if you guys would like to take a look Weekend DIY Projects For You And Your Kiddies

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This past weekend was filled with love, joy and laughter and DIY projects! I’ve been really enjoying making/personalizing things for my home or for others. BY FAR not perfect and wont’ ever claim to be. But its’s such a great feeling when you look at something and your heart is smiling endlessly b/c it has your own personal touch to it ♥ What are some DIY projects you guys have been doing this summer or with your kids? I’m always looking for ideas! ♥

© Author Jamilah ” Jill” Miller

18 thoughts on “DIY -Ideas For Event/Baby Shower Projects

  1. We Natural Gurlz says:

    Very creative! Everything was nicely done and they are things that are actually pretty simple. Looking at them, you would think it would be a bit complicated, but thanks for showing us how simple DIY projects can be.

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