Put The Phone Down In 2017!

Some people really do not have any phone etiquette and still come across as clueless in regards to proper phone mannerism/courtesy. Well let me give you some phone tips! Maybe this will help a few people and help improve some relationships.

How many people have been on a date and the date was more in tune to their phone then they’re actual date? Yeah, me too! Ok peeps, no one wants to go on a date with anyone and have their date constantly making “business calls” or accepting business calls let alone responding to frequent, yes frequent text messages. Isn’t the purpose of a date is to get to know someone and see what their about? If your that busy then why even go on the date to begin with? So far the only thing you’re showing me is that your phone and personal life is more important than what I have to say or getting to even know me. You’re also showing me that even if we were to get involved in a relationship that this is the life I would have with you…… you constantly on your phone.  Here’s a little tip for people going on dates. Put the phone down! Have you wondered why your still single? Is your dating progressing much afterwords? I know this particular paragraph may seem silly to most people but they’re many people out there who do exactly this. You may seem all ” cool and professional” by handling the few business calls or personal calls that come thru. But you’re also showing your date that you don’t have time for him/her and they’re not important enough for you to put that aside for at least a few minutes. Note to self….. Not a good look. Also even if our date night consists of going out with hubby/wifey….Do they not need our undivided attention as well? Nothing aggravates me more than seeing a well established couple ( meaning they’re more than friends) sitting at a restaurant and not even paying attention to each other! Both are on their phone and not even engaging in each other. Don’t let your phone take over you, we should always find our loved ones much more entertaining then what a phone has to offer.

Can I have a some attention please- (1)Ok….. what about those in actual relationships/families?

Come on now it’s 2017. Everybody is glued to their phones. For many people it’s hard to use your phone during the work day. So it’s understandable that those people would want to “catch up” with what they missed and of course check social media sites when they’re home and relaxed. Noted and understood. But to constantly be on your phone all night and every 30 seconds definitely takes Away from your family time. If you don’t care about your quality time with your significant other or your kids etc than this post isn’t for you. But in this day in age everybody looks forward to quality time when they get home from work. For the majority of us it’s work, dinner, and fitting in some quality time before bedtime.  So yes we know text messages come in here and there and a phone call or two but this is something for us to be aware of while we’re with loved ones. Our loved ones want time and attention too! Especially after working, everybody is missing everybody! I always try to respond to my friends in a timely manner but lately I’ve been in the mindset of really taking advantage of family time – my son is 4 now and I purposely try to only text when needed and I try to stay aware of trying to daily give him my time and attention. People notice when they are ignored or slighted. So let’s put the phone down a little bit more with our family/loved ones 😊. Notice how much your relationship and bonding time will improve……

I did a quick experiment personally and deactivated Facebook for a few weeks. I can’t begin to tell you how liberating it felt! I do see how Facebook is needed but, in my opinion Facebook is the worst! It’s filled with attention seekers, negativity, jealously and lies and people posting the most obscure things and pictures. Half the time we’re endlessly scrolling thru every 5 minutes Just to see what people are up to. Your life will go on outside of the book! The moment I got rid of it I was forced to channel my attention elsewhere. Adding to the quality time my family deserves. I went to bed at a decent time and everything. Wasn’t up for endless hours scrolling aimlessly. I only activated my page again to help with my love of blogging and reaching as many people as I can. But, I told myself that when it comes to social media in general I’m going to put the phone down a little more and not let it occupy so much of my time-Which it clearly doesn’t deserve.


Also ladies and gents, if we have friends of the opposite sex that we communicate with and are genuinely good friends with…..their relationship and friendship status deserves its time and place too. It’s nice when your companion is confident and trusting of you to communicate with someone of the opposite sex. But don’t abuse that! Yes, this is ” Your friend since high school” But you’re not making a life with home girl or homeboy! Texting at inappropriate times at night or very early in the morning is not necessary. Friends should be aware of respectful texting/phone call times especially in the evening when people are winding down for dinner or bedtime. Note to anyone- even if wifey or hubby is legitimately okay with friends, we all still need to be reminded of knowing when to put the phone down and letting it wait until an appropriate time to respond back. After a while of texting well into midnight ( if that’s even the case) Everybody starts giving somebody the side eye. Relationship are extremely valuable these days and it’s hard work making a relationship last. So never take things for granted. If this friend can not understand that to a reasonable degree, then it’s time to evaluate if they’re really a friend.

Sometimes we all get to a “Comfortable” point or at times may not think much of it. But if it’s important to you and someone you love then simple reminders such as these need to he heard and some changes need to be made. Even the “coolest” bf/gf -wife/husband has limits and naturally will notice if our time and attention is constantly distracted or going elsewhere. No one is talking about life changes here or trying to control our loved ones. Just simple reminders and an awareness. You guys can thank me later, if one person is thinking it than that means thousands of others are too 🙂 I’ve also come to understand that some people just need to be told. Some people get it and some people don’t. So hopefully this article helps someone else. Has anyone tried eliminating unnecessary things from their life and seen changes or improvements in their personal life? Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me! Always appreciate feedback from you guys.

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©Written personally by Jamilah-Jill Miller

8 thoughts on “Put The Phone Down In 2017!

  1. motgpr2014 says:

    Hey !! This is a terrific blog post. So very true. Social media is good, but it takes away a lot of personal time. My brother-in-law and sister came over for a holiday gathering and his face was planted in his phone the entire time. Wow. We were offended. I didn’t say anything to my sister because she should have been embarrassed. I guess she’s used to it. Technology is good, but it has withdrawn people from reality. It’s made them less sensitive. Anywho, I could go on and on. Thx for sharing. #keepwriting


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