How To Avoid Stressful Morning’s-Tips For The Working Parent/Person

Let’s face it….Life is very busy these days! Everyone is trying to manage time between working, family time- which is also separate from Adult and kids time, recreation time, ME-time, all types of “times”. As of lately I’ve been really trying to get a handle on arranging things at home to help make my mornings smoother and ultimately the entire work week. So to give you guys some things I do to help my week flow better, take a look down below!

                                So, what does my work week look like?


I have a pretty busy week at times. I work 2 jobs. My Main job, I work M-F 9-5, and my second job I work it every other weekend. During the week I drive about 50-60 miles out of the way to drop off and pick up my son to his daycare provider and of course still make it to work. At times VERY draining, especially after work which is normally around 5 ish and by that time I’m battling the busy traffic hour on the thruway- By the time I get home most nights its around 7 pm. TIRING!


So what are some ways to make the work week easier?

  • I try to AVOID doing anything requiring much effort during the week- For example, Laundry, heavy grocery shopping, whatever else that requires a lot of time. I usually WAIT until the WEEKEND- first thing on Saturday or Friday evening after work to do my laundry, fold clothes or grocery shop. Saves a bit of time during the week and helps to avoid getting home late. 


  • I’m a mom- With that being said I make sure I stick  to a scheduled bedtime for him, giving him enough quality sleep and also giving me just a tad bit of time after he goes to sleep for me to relax, sip some wine, watch a brief show, and possibly straighten up a bit. Also allows me to head to bed early once I know he’s settled in. His bedtime is between 8-8:30pm. He’s normally sleep soundly right at 8:30pm. Then mama can have some wind down time 🙂 Stick to a bedtime schedule…it helps


  • I cook only every other day or every 2-3 days! That’s it. Because most nights I do get home later, when I cook I make sure I make enough for at least 2 full days. Including leftovers for lunch while at work and dinner prepared already in a dish waiting for me when I get home from work. All this everyday cooking is for the birds, and my time doesn’t allow it. I also keep dinner very simple! Past few months I only use a protein (meat) and a vegetable. Maybe I’ll throw some rice in there-The individual brown rice bags with my vegetable. But that’s typically it. I keep it simple. I like to be in and out of the kitchen around a half hour. If the family wants something a little bit more than I wait for the weekend to throw down 🙂 And I also squeeze in a take out night during the week too 🙂 Hey Don’t judge me. And I also have a great man who cooks as well. So we take turns and it just continues to make our nights less hectic. 


  • The BIG KEY component that really helps with easier mornings is that I Iron ALL of our clothes for the ENTIRE week on Sunday! No exaggeration, I really do. Even the Little one, his clothes included. I can not emphasize how big of a help this is. I’ve been doing this for the past 4 yrs and it’s nice to get up in the morning and to grab your clothes and go! Few yrs back an older woman told me that this is what she did for her and her husband for 30 years ( She was giving me some advice) It was probably the best thing she could’ve told me. I tried it for my family at that time, and it made our mornings so much easier, we loved it! Saves evening and morning time of preparing to iron and let alone rummaging thru the closet of ” What to wear” that morning. Preparation is key!


  •  Last but not least, I do bath’s and shower time at night. At times I will take a morning shower if I was to tired the night before. But I bathe me and the little one and lotion us down, pamper my skin a little bit or nice facials at night in the shower. So when morning time hits all we literally do is wake up and go!

These small little routines help to make your morning let alone week soooooo much easier and smoother! I like my mornings stress free, half the time I’m preparing for a long drive, so I don’t want to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off before leaving for work. And all of this helps me maximize my sleep schedule. I know I can sleep in a little bit more in the mornings when everything is already prepared. Just grab and go! pexels-photo-208165


I don’t have the luxury of being a stay at home mom or even part time at this point, so prepping for me and family works best for us ♥♥

So as we re-cap……..Easy meals during the week and lunch preparation √, less chores and activities during the work week √,  Ironing clothes for the WEEK and not just day √ Scheduled consistent bedtime for the little one, which ultimately makes my night smoother √ Bath time at night as opposed to rushing in the morning ( at times) √√

So I hope maybe these little points help someone! Small changes go a long way! What are some things you guys do to make your morning’s easier or work week? Always looking more ideas, so please share! 


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© Written By Jamilah Miller aka Jilly 🙂

2 thoughts on “How To Avoid Stressful Morning’s-Tips For The Working Parent/Person

  1. Lauren White says:

    Parenting? Stressful mornings? All. The. Time. Now that I’m on summer vacation, it’s a little less stressful but soon enough we’ll be back into the swing of things during the school year!


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