Socially Overwhelmed- Two Tears In A Bucket

Hi Guys!!! I’ve missed you!!!

First off let me repeat myself, I missed talking to you guys!! I missed writing to you all. It feels so good to express myself again and to interact with you all. I didn’t realize how much I loved blogging until I decided to give myself a little break from it.

So What’s Been Going On?

Life has taken a toll this year already. Certainly some ups and downs that I hadn’t expected. As you guys know I like to be honest with you all to certainly help and encourage anyone I can out there. So let me just say it, this past month has SUCKED BALLS! It doesn’t matter how happy of a person you are or how positive or encouraging you try to be, sometimes we have moments where we feel we have been outright kicked in the teeth, or just feeling emotionally rundown.  It could be moments of depression, anxiety, difficult times unexpectedly, whatever the case is things happen to the best of us.

I’ve been battling a few things at once, and not spilling my whole life story, I just needed to sit back and regroup and have a little me time. I needed to tackle these obstacles with a clear head, and also still manage my full time job and mommy hood. Overall how can we write great material if our heart and mind isn’t in it at the time.

How Have I Managed?

PRAYER WORKS!!!! This girl is a praying girl!! God is a great listener.


I try to not be preachy-not my style. But I have to mention the power of prayer. God wants us to come to him and pour our hearts to him. The bible even says to “pour your anxiety upon your heavenly father, because he cares for you”. I always feel much more at ease and at peace when I deeply, humbly pray. And once you pray about it, LEAVE IT GOD’S HANDS. Do not pray for something and tell your self it will not work out or God will not help you, It may not be the help you specifically wanted, but God certainly will help you.

I also reach out to people who genuinely love and care for me. WE ALL NEED AN OUTLET. Use those outlets. There is no shame in talking to others about your personal concerns at that time. Use them to your comfort level and take some of their advice as well.


Find some you time for yourself!  During difficult times I literally have to decompress my mind and body every night. I collect my thoughts, try to remove the negatives along with my fears and worries and just re-group and try to make positive thoughts. I also try to keep in mind that life can not always be peaches and cream, trials and tribulations befall us all. So, I’ll keep all those points in mind and try to face them head on as opposed to feeling sorry for myself or upset about the situation

Read a book or meditate on positive statements. Really take a look around and count your blessings as opposed to thinking it’s the end of the world. Exercising always helps anyone to feel better as well. It releases all those endorphin’s and naturally creates energy to help you feel better or uplift your mood.

Lastly, I just had to take a “Social Media” Break. As mentioned above, how can you write well when your mind is crowded with all the extra “Junk” weighing you down. I literally took a break from FB, IG, Pinterest, Twitter, and everything else. You really don’t realize how involved you are with those things until your no longer doing it. It’s totally OK to do that! As much as I love blogging…’s a CHORE! It’s a deep love I have for it and I would’ve never thought I would of loved it as much. But, it’s certainly work. As all my fellow bloggers know, it’s way more than just a post. It’s advertising and marketing. It’s research and gathering information. My brain just needed a break. We try so hard to keep up with other people and pleasing them that we ourselves fall behind or start to experience feeling burned out.

Moral Of The Story

Well I certainly don’t have the answers, just pieces of helpful advice. If you ever feel you need a break from something and you may need to re-group or just focus on yourself or home-life a bit more, than do just that. Sometimes it’s needed. Than once you feel mentally and physically strong enough to jump back on whatever it may be, than you smash the hell out of it. Come back as if you never left! You ever notice that whenever you may feel overwhelmed with something and then your on social media checking out everyone else’s concerns and problems, it kind of overwhelms you even more? Then you start feeling like Oh Hell Naw! lol . Yeah, It be like that…were only human!

I certainly have a few more battles I’m facing head on, and will continue to have these oppression’s for a while. I have realized that Kings and Queens aren’t called that for nothing. They’ve fought to become that person and to earn that title.  I am learning to handle my battles one at a time. I know my life is destined for something great. As I’m already experiencing now. I will probably have a lot of shitty days still ahead of me. But slowly I will get through and overcome them. I just keep doing what I mentioned above and continuing to do the best I can, and know that the best of people have their difficult times too. Who said I was going to make it thru this life easy 🙂

So, no complaints here. Just wanted to say Jilly IS BACK! lol. And I still plan to post weekly of many great topics as I have been. Reach out and say hello to me. I missed you guys 🙂

Thanks for all your continued love and support xoxo

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