Post Divorce Valentine’s Day

Ok guys, to be completely honest I wasn’t even going to do a Valentine’s Day blog! Why you may ask? Because I never participated in the day, not even with my previous marriage due to religious reasons and I’m newly dating myself! Which means I don’t have a friggin clue of anything! Don’t know what to do, to wear, to buy, or even how to act 😂 But then again I always try to come at you guys as real and as honest as possible, so it lead to me think…..WHY NOT TALK ABOUT IT! Unfortunately this will not be one of those blogs where I give you tons of helpful information. If anything I’m asking for it 😂😂

Even though I never participated in Valentine’s Day before I always envisioned it being something spectacular. And yes, everyday in a relationship should be Valentine’s Day  but it’s something about that day, everybody wants to feel special and important on V-Day  no matter how small the gesture may be. I dreamed my Valentine’s Day would be filled with roses and chocolate everywhere. Roses at work ( because everybody loves attention at work😛) and then after work I would be coming home to a pathway of roses leading to the  bedroom and balloons    everywhere with huge teddy bears and candles in the bedroom. Hey, a girl can only dream😊

So actually I take that back….I may not be experienced With V-day itself but I’m certainly experienced with romance, so I’ll pat myself on the back for that😁 I like to consider myself a romantic person. So what are some romantic ideas out there for the special day? How about……

  1. A nice home cooked meal followed up with a nice massage

after….for both parties😊

2. Going to the movies or having a nice quiet movie night at home (may be even after that dinner)…..may sound cheesy but a movie always seems to help set the mood. You’re  totally relaxed and up next to your boo, let the touching and rubbing begin 😉



3. Write your boo a letter. Yeah, who writes anymore these days. But something about reading a heartfelt expressed letter is still very romantic and let’s the other person know you cared about them enough to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper. Women love reading notes and letters from their man…..we keep it FOREVER



4. Oh yeah, GIFTS! Gifts are always great. But it’s 2017 who has Time and finances to spend all this money on one particular day. It would be a nice gesture to get your mate a need rather than a want. Is your boo in need of new shoes for work, or the gym? Is their favorite shirt or tie looks ragged, replace it for them! Does your lady need new lip gloss, make up or natural hair products? Believe me I would love to receive some natural hair products….wink wink 😂 But just saying , a NEED is always better than a WANT. Take a look and snoop around, see what they’re in need of. And last but not least, anything homemade or something with personal touches is always the best. Adding your own little touch to something always adds a smile to anyone’s face

So, back to this being my first time experiencing Valentine’s Day,I honestly don’t know what to do or expect. As cheesy as it may sound I’m just happy to have a great companion who’s looking forward to help making it special for me. I have a couple ideas lined up myself😉 But our main focus is to just really enjoy each other and see what the day entails and enjoy each other’s company and remind one another of the love between us. But I must say I’m pretty stoked! Yikes…I’m so excited!!!!! Never let an age stop your happiness or excitement! And if other people have experienced it their entire lives, don’t dampen someone else’s excitement. Enjoy your day everyone! Even if there isn’t a particular special someone in your life, celebrate and love your own damn self! Turn up for yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day guys. Love to you all xoxo

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9 thoughts on “Post Divorce Valentine’s Day

  1. leighann says:

    Love these ideas – especially on getting gifts that cover a NEED vs a WANT. That, to me, shows intentionality and actual loving-kindness. Not that I’m completely opposed to the idea of roses and a golden retriever puppy on my doorstep! Lol a girl can dream, right?


  2. Sarah Harris says:

    Welcome to the other side!
    I feel like Valentine’s day should be about all love, not just with a significant other. People should shake it liberally all over their friends, family, elderly neighbors, soldiers and their families, teachers, etc. Also I think less emphasis should be on gifts and more on gestures. I particularly liked your idea to write a letter because then the recipient can re-read it on a day that feels less than Valentine’s Day-ish.

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