Weekend DIY Projects For You And Your Kiddies

Lets face it…. When you have a growing child your always trying to find new ways to keep them active and engaged, especially on the weekends. And living in a cold climate area such as Buffalo, NY , It’s not like you can go outside and throw a ball around during this time of the year either. So this weekend baby boy and I did some home projects that we absolutely loved. 

I found some clever projects to do from pinterest. I decided SJ and I would make an aquarium globe! Figured it would be something cool and neat for him to create himself and he could also have forever. So I gathered my materials together, which were purchased from Michael’s Arts and Crafts store.


Here In the picture: Mason Jar, Plastic aquarium fishes, krazy glue, fish stickers, artificial aquarium plants, seashells, silver and gold thumb tacks, food coloring, glitter, Fabric-Black , and a styrofoam board




1. SJ adds his seashells to his Mason Jar

2. He then places his artificial plants and plastic fish inside his Jar

3. Then we take a large pitcher filled with water and add blue food coloring. I did this in a  separate container to get the water coloring to look just right


Then we add our food color to our Mason jar and….VOILA!!! We have an Aquarium Globe in a Mason Jar 🙂



Talk about a happy camper!!! What a beautiful smile on this kiddo’s face!


OK, so SJ’s project done √ ….Now something that I can do for fun myself!!! Hmmmm…With the rest of my supplies I decided to make a cute little creative sign to add in the dining room on one of the floating shelves.




With my black fabric and styrofoam board I pinned the fabric down on the other side of the board. And the push pins you see in the picture are silver and gold….All I did was make something girly and cute and also welcoming………..



And here it is. A nice welcoming sign I placed in my dining room welcoming all who enter and dine in my home!

So this was certainly a great weekend of wonderful activities I did with my son and overall great quality time. I can’t take any credit, as it was all pinterest inspired. Thank God for pinterest, this mama wouldn’t know what to do hehe 🙂

SJ and I did another project a couple months ago, where we made homemade slime! He certainly got a kick out of it and we still have it 3 months later. Take a look at it for more weekend project ideas 🙂

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