Meal Prepping Basics-101

This year my goal is to try to eat healthier and actually stick to it! Losing weight is always the idea as well. But you before I even get to the “weight loss” I must first know how to change my mindset and thinking in regards to how I view my food. 

My partner and I have been meal prepping now for the past 3 weeks. We are both completely new to this and not extremely experienced AT ALL! My reason for mentioning this is to be completely REAL and HONEST. So many people write things from an experienced or expert angle. I’m a newbie, getting better each week, but don’t always know what the heck I’m doing! But, I wanted to share with you all how we have been doing thus far. And so far….It’s been great!


We have the kind of lifestyle where we tend to eat out a lot…let’s face it sometimes it’s easier this way. My weakness is that I’m a big snacker. We both find ourselves eating out a lot for lunch on our work break. Some days we have lunch prepared, some days we don’t. So that’s about 2-3 days of take out for lunch, and about 2 nights of take out for dinner. Even if it’s a small lunch or a small dinner, take out can usually be anywhere between $50-$150 a week. Seems absurd right, but in actuality buying take out for yourself and let alone significant other let alone a family, can be pretty pricey….Let’s not forget weekly groceries just for the household. And what is all this doing? Running up my credit card and adding pounds on.  So something’s gotta change right?!


So our first week of meal prepping we actually spent $200 total. $100 each. Kinda pricey I agree. Once again being the first week we didn’t have a set direction. But, we knew as the weeks went along, that hopefully the meal prepping grocery bill should diminish. And once again people, this cuts eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


We incorporated lots of fruits, meats and vegetables in our diet. Some carbs, but minimal. Also included are a lot of yogurts, and healthy nuts or trail mix of some sort- for our snack during the day. ( We are not experts, but starting somewhere) And the big kicker is…..DRINKING A GALLON OF WATER A DAY! Believe me it’s brutal. I’ve never went to the bathroom so much at work. I think everyone in my office officially hates me :-).  


For breakfast it has consisted of either; a hard boiled egg, yogurt, or a fruit, and at times maybe 1 serving of oatmeal. But mostly, a yogurt or fruit, egg occasionally.


For lunch that has been; salmon with a small sweet potato, chicken with a serving of vegetables, salad with a protein or ground turkey made with something healthy lol . It hasn’t always been that exact order, we switch foods around, but this has been mostly what it has consisted of. 


Dinner has mostly been the same as lunch, just switching the side dishes up and adding salads into play.

We cook and prep and make full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner about twice a week. We tend to prep on Sundays and on a Wednesday or Thursday. Now that we tightened up our spending a little bit were spending about $30 each prepping session now, which is a big difference from spending $ 100 each. 

Disadvantages we have noticed so far

Hasn’t been to many. But, at times you feel you get bored with your food options, especially hitting day 3 of the same thing. But, by that point your beginning to start your next prep anyway. You also urinate like crazy! Drinking a gallon of water a day is brutal. But I keep a 74 oz water bottle with me at work and will drink one in a half to give me a full gallon of water intake for the day. A Gallon has 128 oz in it. Also meal prepping seems like it takes forrrrrever when your doing it. You can be in the kitchen anywhere between 2-3 hrs depending on what you cook. But you have to consider your prepping all your meals for about 3-4 days. My partner and I have been dividing the work up. He will cook the food for the most part and I will prep our salads, fruit, healthy snacks, and chop up things he will need for our food. Once I’m done with that I help him finish cooking if he isn’t already. So it doesn’t all fall on one person. 

Advantages of meal prepping

So many advantages it’s been unreal!

  • To mention the obvious…We’ve been saving a ton of money! No more spluring at work for lunch breaks and take out dinner nights randomly
  • Drinking a gallon of water a day has numerous benefits! Body hydration, clearer skin, easier bowel movements-hey let’state the obvious, and it helps to keep you healthy. I’ve been drinking so much water my body craves it. First thing upon waking up my body is telling me to drink. 
  • Having meals prepared is a life saver! You just grab and go! This has been the most beneficial for me so far bc it has made my options for dinner a breeze. Some days I get home a little later and knowing my food is already prepared makes nights so much tolerable. I can quickly get to relaxing from a long day 🙂
  • I’ve lost weight! Yaaay!! Now my partner has been working out as well. Honestly, I havent. Schedule is a little jammed at the moment. So for me, I’ve been making healthier meal choices and drinking my water, from that alone going into week 3 I’m down 6 pounds! Hey I’ll take it 🙂
  • Your body and mind feels better! Knowing your not putting all that bad junk into your system always makes anyone feel better.  It helps improve a positive and happy attitude!
  • And from a personal note, meal prepping and eating healthier has drastically helped improve my diabetes. Yes, I have diabetes. My blood sugars have been great. And I’m not constantly giving myself “extra” insulin or medication to stabilize my blood sugars

This experience has been awesome so far! Like I said I’m not an expert by far and I’m sure people are doing it different ways. But, so far this has worked for us. We’re seeing slow results and overall feeling great, and saving money! I’m looking for better ways and better food options weekly, so If you guys want to share what has been working for you I would love to hear it! Most of my recipes I’m finding on pinterest . You can take a look at my boards and shop around.  You can also follow my latest blog posts on bloglovin’ .

Here are a couple picture from my personal collection of meal prepping. If anyone is thinking of doing it, give it a try! It saves time and money alone. Let me know if you try it, and I’ll keep you all posted on more updates as time goes along. Until the next time guys xoxo


My partner cooked the chicken breast and it was the best ever! So juicy and lots of flavor. We put it over salad or ate it with a sweet potato or veggies


This is what our meal prepping food looks like when done. We prep everything even down to the snacks. All we do is grab and go each day

Lots of work, but worth it! Have a great and safe weekend. Until the next time xoxo


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9 thoughts on “Meal Prepping Basics-101

  1. abundanceofbeautee says:

    Great meals! I am still learning as you read on my blog. I haven’t eaten meat in about a month and because I didn’t plan properly, I failed the first week. I was eating everything that wasn’t meat including junk. I learned quickly to plan my meals to make sure I stay on track. Great read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theoccasionalwanderer says:

    Great post! I’ve been thinking about getting back into meal planning. I did it for a few weeks last year, but fell off for the rest of the year… I have terrible eating habits otherwise, because of my work schedule. I work an 8 hour shift without an official break, so I just kind of snack on things from our pantry, or order something from the restaurant in my hotel.. When I meal plan, it’s so much better. My boyfriend is also starting a brand new job with 12 hour shifts. The company he is at doesn’t let employees leave the premises on their breaks, and they only have a vending machine and fridge in their break room. Meal prepping is definitely something he and I should embark on together.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your and your partners meal planning continues! I’ll also be sure to follow you on pinterest to see the recipes you pin 🙂


    • therealwithjill says:

      Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed my blog on this experience. I will certainly keep you updated. I can relate to everything you said. Eating out may be quicker in a sense but meal prepping is so much better and saves so much money! I love the days I come home and just warm dinner up, and not wondering what lunch will be for the next day😊 I feel you would enjoy it for sure. If you try it let me know!


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