For The Beard Gang community

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This blog is for all you handsome beard fellas out there, and the lovely ladies who love their bearded men.

I made a purchase a while back from the sallybeauty   online store of some Shea moisture products as a gift for a friend .

Since he’s apart of the proud beard gang community, I purchased the beard wash, beard balm and beard conditioning oil. Needless to say he loved it! And it smelled amazing!!



For the 3 products I paid close to $30

So why am I writing about this? Well, from a woman’s perspective I could certainly tell a big difference every time he uses it. His beard has more shine to it and looks completely moisturized, it makes his beard super soft like you want to rub your fingers in it all day 🙂


He personally loves it. These products in particular have helped add to the growth and appearance of his beard, maintaining a shiny and healthier look overall. And certainly feeling soft and moisturized throughout the day.

Needless to say I received the great friend award that day 🙂

So ladies and gentlemen if your in need or if you know someone in need of some beard sprucing up, check out these products from the Shea moisture line. You wont be disappointed!


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