Mieroglyphs Accessory/Vegan Bracelet Line

So I recently made a purchase and teamed up with Mieroglyphs! What is this Mieroglyphs?? Miero is a design and manufacturing accessories line that retails cruelty-free, vegan, hand-crafted, inspirational products. Goods for the good of this world.

They Specialize in Bracelets for men and women, Miero key chains, and Miero pet accessories! Each Miero accessory features cork-leather.

Their intent as the Mieroglyphs organization is to provide accessories as vehicles for motivation, inspiration and positivity. With every Mieroglyphs order you can feel good about being a responsible and conscientious consumer. You will be spreading inspiration and positivity through custom messages engraved on each item and wearable as a daily reminder.

This collection of Miero key chains features entire vegan cork outside and inside. Custom engrave a meaningful message, location, or date on the inside. Whatever reminds you of the key to your personal happiness.


Miero Pet Accessories-Collars for dogs!

Your pets name can be engraved on the outside of their collars. They believe pets should be just as stylish as their tailored humans 🙂 And it makes it a little easier to track your dog down in case they run off and end up missing.

Personal Experience

When I received my bracelet in the mail I instantly fell in love. It’s simple and motivational at the same time. With my personal message engraved on the inside of the bracelet, every time I look at it,  it reminds me to never give up and to always keep pushing forward and not to mention how comfortable it is due to the materials in which it’s made from. I recommend you guys to purchase one for yourself or for your pets.

Mieroglyphs has been so kind to give anyone who makes a purchase from their website, can use a promo code to take off 20% of the purchase fee. 

Promo Code : JAMILAH

Website : http://www.mieroglyphs.com

Shop Away and enjoy your product, either for you or for someone else 🙂 And might I add, the pricing is very reasonable on their products

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If you order a bracelet, please share and keep my informed. Email: Jamilahwhite85@gmail.com

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