Protein hair treatments, preventing dry hair this winter!

How to protect your hair this winter, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!!

 lately my hair has been feeling so dry and brittle, like it can literally snap in half!

In case your wondering if I deep condition my hair on a regular basis….I do! But, I’ve been noticing that even after a great co wash and deep conditioning it’s still been feeling dull and looking lifeless. Curls are not looking as bouncy and certainly no shine from what I can tell.  And where I live, this time of the year with the cold winter weather, it can certainly take a toll on our hair. So I decided it was time for a deep protein treatment!

I didn’t want to go out buying more items just for my hair, So I decided to just use whatever I had in the house this time around and to see how it works.


Used Raw Honey,  and 100% organic coconut oil, about 3 tbsp of each

Nuked this bowl in the microwave for about 30 seconds, to make it nice and soft and well blended


Then added 2 eggs into the mixture after, blend all together, applied all of this to damp hair


After mixture was in my hair, I took a little absorbent towel and put that in the microwave for about a minute and applied to my hair


And here comes the baggie. I put this over the towel to keep the heat in longer

I kept this on my head for 2 full hours. Maybe a little overboard, but I did it on a Saturday morning while cleaning and my hair was in dire need. 

After I washed the product out, I trimmed my ends a little and it was like my curls came back to life! Super Shiny and full of pretty little coils. My hair was literally thanking me. I just did a wash n go hairstyle after, but it was o so pretty. And when I re-fresh my hair daily, I just use a little spray bottle with water and some aloe vera juice inside, it certainly helps keep my hair moisturized and also aids to hair growth.


I Just add Aloe Vera Juice to my daily spray bottle and voila!

I hope this post helps anyone who is needing help with a deep conditioning or a good protein treatment. I certainly could’ve used more items, but once again I just grabbed what I had lying around the house. Worked so well for me,  I might need to incorporate this method on a monthly basis. My curls been poppin all week! 🙂

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