Lessons learned in 2016

This year has certainly been quite an experience. From moving twice to starting over with family and friends and having a new mind set, I’ve decided to share a few things I’ve learned along the way this year.

Change is difficult…..

But not impossible! I’ll be the first to admit I hate change! It takes me forever to adjust to new situations and people. But, this year has showed me that sometimes change is not always bad. It helps you to re-group. It also helps you to do and accomplish things the way you want to do them. Change kind of helps you to step back and see what’s needed and not needed. I think I can say….CHANGE IS GOOD!


Be humble enough to right your wrong

We’ve all stumbled someone with our words or actions at some point. Some of us have done more damage then we could’ve ever imagined to others. My advice, pray for forgiveness first and own up to what you did. Apologize freely. Don’t ever become so cold hearted or use to hurting people that we begin to think it’s the new “norm” . Learn from your lessons and deeply change your ways.



Do not become a prisoner to your mistakes

Always apologize for your wrongs,  and sincerely apologize for hurting people, but never let them keep you there. When we deeply hurt someone it naturally takes time to heal, daily conversations and reassurance  maybe needed.  But when People or family  want to constantly remind you of a mistake then it’s time to move on.  That particular person wants to stay stuck to that past situation. That does not define you as a individual! Once you already cleared that up and humbly apologized and have tried to do better, you are not obligated to keep talking about the past or to have someone keep bringing you back to it. If they can’t move on, move on from them.


Embrace people who are good to you

This point hits home in so many ways. This year I have lost some family and on the other end I have met strangers who have made me feel loved and welcomed as if I was their own natural blood. I’m so thankful for the few people I’ve met this past year and who gave me a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. And even my wonderful friends. Don’t overlook people who are good to you who love you and who choose to be in your life. People like that are rare. And let’s face it, the older we get we all need somebody.  Emotionally, mentally, physically, we all need someone. If we’ve lost good people in our life, try hard to get them back. And if we can’t then lesson learned to still embrace the rest of the good people we may encounter in life. Don’t take people for granted.


Know yourself before you find someone else

We all need time to heal. Healing maybe needed from a break up, a setback, a life interruption or an unexpected death. Whatever the case is, if your not complete, don’t get with someone thinking they can make you complete. No one can make you complete but God and having time to heal yourself. If your not complete you will eventually over time destroy and hurt others.

Take time to find yourself

Don’t try to measure up to what others what you to be. Even if we’ve been guided a certain direction our whole lives, still take time to figure out which direction you want to go and most importantly who you want to be. Steve Harvey said it best ” Everyone needs time to figure out who they want to be instead of who people want them to be ” living your life or actions for someone else will eventually cause you to have a break down or do something traumatic in life you will end up regretting. Figure out who you are and who you want to be!

Most importantly, If your heart isn’t in it, then don’t stay

We often stay with people out of a sense of obligation. ” They’ve been with me this long and held me down I’m obligated to stay” Or ” They have my kids” now granted love and marriage is a beautiful thing and I cherish that. But if your unhappy in your current situation whatever it may be, then don’t play the fence. Either be happy with what you have and daily work on it or if your truly unhappy in whatever situation your in then have enough respect to leave and know that you deserve better or the other person your with deserves better. When your heart isn’t in something it comes out whether we want it to or not. We start pulling away emotionally and physically. Only to end up hurting the other person and possibly doing something that we may regret. If you can fix it, fix it whole heartedly. But if you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you know that’s not where you want to be, then cut ties before anymore damage is done. You’ll be happier in the long run that you saved yourself and that person from any further headache.

Be thankful

Be thankful for life! For having your health, your limbs to help you get around. Be thankful for your job.  Might not be the best job, but be thankful you have one. Be thankful you have transportation, and if you don’t be thankful you have means to still get to point A to point B. It is someone out there who doesn’t have nearly as much as we have. So be thankful for it all, and be thankful for your peace of mind, if you don’t have peace of mind than change your thought process. Pray, Read, meditate, and just look around you. Look at your beautiful children and be thankful for them. There’s always something to be thankful for we just have to find it.

Be kind in everything we do

It has to be said, it does not pay to be a asshole! Kindness gets you so much further in life. There’s times in life we have to be firm. But overall kindness is priceless and requires no effort to show. And it’s almost contagious. Being kind to the next person almost guarantees them to be kind in return ( In Some cases) . We all are fighting a battle no one knows about. I try to tell myself this daily. Just be kind!




Well I certainly hope everyone has a great new year ahead of them! Fresh start to everything. These were some important life learned lessons I’ve learned through out the year. I hope these can be beneficial to you guys as well! And I love comments and feedback. Thanks for supporting my blog. Love you all!

Happy 2017!


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