It’s Beauty In Those Eyes!

I had a special event that I was going to attend at a very nice upscale restaurant/hotel in Buffalo, NY. I told myself I wanted to stand out for once, I wanted to look sparkly in some way or the other and all dolled up. Every girl’s dream right?!

So I already had the “look” in mind. Sparkle top and maybe try adding lash extensions and eyebrow tinting.  I found this top that I instantly feel in love with at Charlotte Russe!

Ok, so blouse picked out ✅ . And the day of, I went to the salon to see what I can do with this face. I ended up getting the eyebrow tinting done at a local mall here and I tried the individual eye lashes.

I instantly fell in love! I’m not one that’s crazy about heavy make-up and foundation but I always try to enhance my eyes some what every morning. I typically stick to filling in my eyebrows and eye liner and mascara. So, with these enhancements already in place, I must say it was a nice feature to have for a couple weeks. It did last about a solid 2 weeks (tinting and lashes) probably could’ve made it last a week longer if I really stretched it out.

Cons:  Around week 2 it started feeling like buggers were in my eyes. Sounds silly right. But I don’t like how the eyelashes make you feel like there’s something constantly in your eyes. I also didn’t like looking at my eyelashes and feeling like it was a glop of tar around the base of the lid. That thick heavy black gunk appearance by my eyes ( eyelash glue).Maybe it was just me and no one else could see it. Maybe my next experience will be better. I did feel like She was a little rushed while working on me. I had some eye irritation around the crease of my eye-lid, and one of the lashes kept falling into my eye.

So with all that being said, beauty does kill at times lol. You pay the price to look good sometimes. I certainly did love it, And received tons of compliments. And it was a great touch to my look that night at my special event 😊 So here’s  a few pics to show you guys my fabulous night. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas to making lashes feel more comfortable, please let cha girl know. I’m all ears, enjoy!


Stages of eyebrow tinting and individual eye lashes added


Completed look



Admiring the eyebrow tinting and new lashes



Let the fun begin!

Entire outfit from Charlotte Russe! Ear rings included. All for under $60 bucks. Not too shabby.

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