Mommy & Son Fall Photo Shoot!

Hey Guys!

Sooooo since this year has been a busy one with the move and settling into my newer home, what better time to do a photo shoot and add some family photos to spruce up the new pad! I was also in dire need of some updated big boy pictures of my little guy. So I decided to take advantage of the moment of new home along with new pics and my 3 year old needing big boy pictures  :-)…..LOL sounds like I needed a lot right 😉

So I always loved the idea of doing pictures outside somewhere by a nice park around fall time. I love how the leaves change colors, and it’s the certain orange and red colors that just pop out with certain trees. Something about it makes it so beautiful and warm and inviting. So I looked around endlessly to find a photographer who would meet me at a certain location, for an outside photo session. I found some great photographers who were priced around $150, some lower, some higher. But, as you guys know my budget is tight and I really didn’t want to hack up anything over $100. I also didn’t want to go to a JCPenney or a Portrait Innovation’s, due to always seeing the same poses and the amount of pictures you can only receive for one or two poses….Y’all catch my drift!

So who did I find?? I found a lovely young woman, Janine Hubbard, who’s newer to the business and has a love for photography. She was great, and very professional, prompt, courteous and all of that. She narrowed in on my love for my son and drew in on  intimate moments of just mommy and son time. She met us at the park in Buffalo, NY-Glen Falls in Williamsville. It was a fantastic morning. So enough of me talking, and here’s a look at my first time mommy & son photos outdoors!

In case you guys are wondering, “What’s up with the turtle pics?” Well, my son has an intense love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at this time in his life, and I wanted to simply capture the essence of what he enjoys and for him to know his mommy enjoys it with him 🙂 I was so happy I put my fears aside of looking “silly” to embrace the love and fun and silliness of this little boy.

Oh yeah, how much did I pay for all these beautiful pictures? Well, put it like this under $60. Even though my photographer might of been new to the game, her heart was TRUE to the game 🙂  And I got some AMAZING  moments between my son and I, that I will forever cherish. Thanks Janine!

Janine’s Photography website is


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