Oh The Joys Of Hair!

Ok ladies and gents….what is it about hair that makes us all go crazy and have so many questions about this and that???

What is it that makes us drool and have deep stares over certain hairstyles we may see?? Well I honestly don’t know myself or have the answers lol. But,  I figured why not talk about it since it’s such  big topic of conversation.

Personally, I’ve never had a relaxer in my hair. It’s always been pressed and curled (old school terminology). I would say I have a Decent  length of hair, nothing crazy long, but I’m thankful for what I have…but I must say it still amazes me to this day of people’s mindset about hair….I often hear ” you have a nice grade of hair and a nice length why are you wearing weave?”  Or even from people who may not understand our hair texture, I encounter a lot of stares and comments like ” you’re lucky you have curly hair, or how are you able to wear it like this or like that?”

Its just hair people! Are you telling me that because I have a so called decent length that I’m not entitled to not wear weaves, wigs, braids and anything else? Well guys, I have a little statement to tell you. I NEED A HAIR BREAK TOO! 😊 Regardless of whatever hair type, texture, length I may have this girl needs a hair break just like everybody else. Have you ever thought of what it takes to maintain healthy hair? I mean seriously, especially for a person keeping their hair in a natural state, it needs daily moisture, weekly washing, night time twisting or pin ups. Hairstyles that require less tension around our edges, weekly maintenance, morning fluffing lol. All that jazz and then some. Everyone needs a hair break. And for the working woman and mommy, keeping up with our hair sometimes gets a back seat and at times becomes tiring to maintain. And this is 2016 if you have a woman that is able to work, stay fly, take care of home and the kids…please and I mean please, leave us alone about out hair and what particular hairstyle we may have😊. If our edges stay laid and our hair isn’t looking a hot mess then just be happy with what we got. And for everyone taking a hair break from time to time with different styles, keep doing you and staying fabulous and classy with it😊.

I’ve been having to much fun with my hair lately, and I refuse to let anyone tell me differently. So here’s some pics below of some styles that I slayed and how beautiful they have made me feel😘



Believe it or not this is a wig! You can still look classy and sassy and have fun with your hair while working!


First wig I tried and loved, by Bobbi boss hair




Another sensationnel empress wig. PIPA. For your straight hair sexy day.



Same wig From sensationnel, PIPA. But just adding some flair to the look. Braided the front part back and threw a headband on it!


Even took this thang to the beach! Bobbi boss copper wig. Messy hair beach look. Loved it!


See ladies and gents, we can look classy, sophisticated, sexy, elegant and all that with however we choose to wear our hair. But the key to keeping it looking nice and neat is to take care of our hair and maintain it. If it’s starting to look ragged than  let that go!  Who wants to see ragged hair?!?! And we all need hair breaks! Nothing wrong with changing it up. So on that note, what are some hair styles that you guys out there like to try when you need a hair break? Or just want to change it up? Any good protective hairstyles you have a preference over?

And here’s a link to my latest YouTube video on a unit I purchased from the sensationnel wig hair line. Ordered from http://www.sistawigs.com for $21.00


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