A new beginning!

img_0936Hello everyone, and welcome to my  blog! My name is Jamilah, but I go by Jill (family nickname). Thank you so much for checking my new page out!

I started this blog to simply talk!  To talk about real feelings and emotions of life, love, success and even fears. To discuss topics of  starting over in life, whether it be moving, jobs, relationships, experiencing a death of a loved one, fashion tips on a budget, children, or DIY home projects. As I stated just to talk and hopefully to share with you some things I have experienced on my own and continue to experience and grow from daily.

I’m currently 31 and a full time worker and mommy😀. My son is 3 years old. I have a history working as a Licensed Practical Nurse, but more so in recent years I’ve been working as a  Medical Assistant at a major college in the Buffalo, NY area. This has been quite a challenging year for myself and my son. I’m a newly divorced woman as of August 2016. My marriage lasted 7 years. Devastating…..yes🙁

I certainly never imagined myself to be a divorced woman at the young age of 31. But, in this day an age, you never know what could happen. Here today, gone tomorrow. In love today, out of love tomorrow. So many changes I encountered this past year, that I often wonder myself how the heck did I do it? I know with God’s loving help and mercy he has helped me to keep pushing forward with my head held high. It wasn’t an easy road, and at times it still isn’t easy. But I’ve been able to get by and have learned to completely adjust to a new lifestyle. A lifestyle of doing things on my own, relying on myself and completely starting over from literally SCRATCH! I will explain more in the next upcoming blogs to follow.

My main focus for creating this blog was to be inspirational and educational to anyone in life who has ever had a set back in life . A set back in NOT a bad thing! We often measure success by how much we have accomplished in life, how much money we may have in the bank, how many houses or cars we may have….Well I am living proof of a huge set back and I am better than before, wasn’t always easy, but dear God I’m making it! But your Success should be measured by your ability to withstand your trails and tribulations and how we react to them. Do not let anyone tell you , you are not successful just because you may of had a interruption in your life plan! Or that you’re not successful because of a mistake you might of made. Sometimes just being honest and real with ourselves and wanting to change is all the internal success that is needed to move forward. It is often hard to become successful if we are not realistic with ourselves as well. So let’s be real on this blog, let’s talk about life and everything life has to entail, good and bad!

I also started this blog to really expand on making sure we as individuals  get the full sense of life and our dreams and goals we may have ever wanted to achieve. As silly as this may sound we often hold ourselves back from accomplishing things we may have always wanted to do, to or even experience certain things due to religious influences, parental control, or marital control. And as silly as it may sound sometimes, just sometimes, we grow up in life with a mindset of I shoulda, coulda, woulda’s . Granite we may never ever completely get to experience everything we may have always wanted to do (within reason) but there is such a large population of people who really are afraid or timid to try things based off of the idea of ” what would the church think, what would mom or dad think, what would my mate think” . So I want to be real and discuss those topics too and share real feelings that we often may be to scared to admit.

life is so beautiful when you are true to yourself and feelings, and in the words of Jill Scott ” I’m living my life like it’s golden!” Thank you for taking the time out to read my very first blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Please share your thoughts and comments with me on any topic you may have!! I appreciate you all.


25 thoughts on “A new beginning!

  1. Miss Tee says:

    CONGRATS!!!!….Whew! now that i yelled that to the roof top lol! I am so very proud of you for going forward with you blog. I wish you nothing but the BEST Milah!!. How very brave of you to share your story…Im sure this blog will achieve more then you imagine! Just reading your brief story brought tears to my eyes… LOOK HOW FAR YOU’VE COME!!!


  2. JP says:

    First of all, nice photo. Secondly, a very well written blog. Your reasoning for blogging is authentic. You and I held a conversation not to long ago. And I remember a lot of what you said to me. Your blog solidifies to me, you’re keeping it real. I look forward to sharing in more of your thoughts, and inspiration.


  3. Sheka 🔑 says:

    Yesss yessss you are a Living Proof of a Great Individual Keep holding on to the Great light that you have and keep shining on us! I’m really excited for what’s to come.


  4. Nicole says:

    You’re really brave to put yourself out there to talk about this kind of stuff. I think you can really inspire a lot of people to not only accept what life gives them, but to do it with class and flourish. Thanks, Jill!


  5. Danielle says:

    Wow! You go girl! So proud of you… I think it’s so nobel to reach out to others that may be dealing with similar issues. Your transparency is so refreshing in a world where people only post happy times! Love ya


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